Outstanding Valet & Detail

Terms & Conditions

  1. Outstanding valet & detail pride ourselves on our professionalism & reliability. In order for us to maintain this reputation and continue to deliver what we promise, it is only fair that you respect and abide by our terms and conditions. Please read carefully, so that both ourselves and yourself are on the same page before we begin our automotive care rollercoaster.  
  • CANCELLATION FEE – All bookings are final, unless given at least 24 hours notice a 50% fee will be charged. Not turning up or cancelling on the day will require a 100% charge for the booking. 
  • Please be mindful of space. In order for us to operate we must be able to park our vehicle; next to, behind or in front of your vehicle. We will also need enough space to open all of the car doors fully, so that we can access the car comfortably and safely. Our jet wash lance is over 1m long so if any other vehicles are to close to your car, we will not take the risk.
  • In order for us to operate, we require a safe place to plug our extension lead in to gain power.
  • MONTHLY MAINTENANCE. Its in the name. This package was created so that your car can be valeted once a month. If this time frame is exceeded, we cannot offer our maintenance service at a maintenance price, in a maintenance time frame. If your car has been off roading, had excessive use or any form of spillage or soiling within the vehicle, please let us know before hand as this will require more time. Failure to do so will have a knock on affect to our diary and cause us to be late for our following appointments.
  • We will not operate on any busy roads, tight roads or pay and display car parks. If you don’t have anywhere for us to come, please contact us to organise a location.
  • If your car is soiled with mud, sand, pet hair, paint or anything else time consuming, there will be an additional charge.
  • We take pictures of every vehicle we work on, ensuring that number-plates are covered. If you have a problem with this, please let us know.

Outstanding valet & detail have no control over the weather, natural disasters or any other unfortunate life problems. We will always do our best to make sure we never miss a booking, but on the unlikely event we have to re-arrange a booking, please be assured that you will be re-booked within 14 days.

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